Training Offerings

Basic Pistol - Instructor Led 8 hours (1 day)

Basic Pistol courses teach the fundamentals of owning, safe handling,  safety, and use of pistols. Be it a nice new Glock to an heirloom .38  Special revolver, whatever you will shoot is what you will use for the  course. Our instruction is designed around teaching the individual  rather than teaching en masse. You will find this course both  informative and fun as we will be spending several hours inside for  classroom instruction followed by several hours of shooting. All  shooting occurs on a separate range exclusively for this class. You will  only be interacting with the instructors and other students, no other  shooters will be present. You will receive a course completion  certificate which qualifies with the AZ regulations for applying for a  CCW. Fingerprinting also available during the class. 

Personal Protection in the Home 8-10 hours (1 day)

The next step after the knowledge gained in a Basic course, this course  teaches firearm safety, defensive mindset, mental awareness, confronting  an intruder in the home, and pistol live-fire including firing from  cover, engaging targets from various positions and developing verbal  challenge skills. This course covers current applicable legal standards  as they pertain to firearm ownership and use. 

Personal Protection Outside the Home/Advanced CCW 8-12 hours per day (2 consecutive days)

Expanding upon the skills and knowledge from the previous course, this  class moves the skills needed inside the home to the skills needed in an  outside environment and teaches multiple shooting positions, multiple  threat engagement, and carrying a firearm concealed. This course covers  current applicable legal standards as they pertain to firearm ownership  and use.